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01 A Comparative Evaluation of Mandibular Intercanine Arch Width Changes in Class I and Class II Division 1 Malocclusions Treated with Extraction¡X An Occlusogram Study
Avik Ghosh, Praveen Mehrotra, Sudhir Kapoor, Sonahita Agarwal, Geeta Verma
02 Evaluation of Temporomandibular Joint Changes with Functional Appliance¡XAn MRI Study.
Siddharth Dixit, K Sridhar, Upendra Jain, Amit Prakash, Sashibhushan Ekka, Chandrika Dubey
03 Initial Displacement of Teeth as an Indicator of Ideal Force System for En Masse Retraction Using Mini Implant¡XA FEM Study.
Laljit Singh Brar, Suresh Babu, Ashutosh Wadhawan
04 Gene Polymorphisms of FGF2 (Rs 1476214) and FGF18 (Rs 4043716) in Non-syndromic Cleft Lip and Palate in Local Population
Manjunath Hegde, Amarnath BC, Roopak Mathew David, Sharmila Arjunan, Pramod KM

Case Report
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05 Complexities in Diagnosis and Management of Long Face
Ashwin Mathew George, Aravinth Kumar Govindaraj, Arvind Sivakumar, Aravind Kumar, Shantha Sundari
06 Ortho-surgical Management of Severe Vertical Dysplasia: A Case Report
Vinni Arora, Rekha Sharma, Sachin Parashar

Case Series
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07 Treatment Outcomes in the Sagittal and Vertical Dimensions with the AdvanSync2 Class II Corrector¡XA Case Series
Prasad Chitra, Gunjan Negi, Balan K Thushar, ShubhnitaVerma
08 Management of Dental Anterior Open Bite Treated by Combination of Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry: A 2 Years Follow Up Case Report
Sharmin Sultana, Mohammad Zakir Hossain, Amit Bhardwaj

Research Article

Clinical Pearl
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10 Simplified Method for Fabrication of ¡§Universal Economic Crimpable Shims¡¨ (UECS)
Manish Goyal, Mukesh Kumar, Ashish Kushwah