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Review Article
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01 CBCT in Orthodontics: Current trends and caveats
Dr P.G. Makhija*

Original Article
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02 Recent advances in orthognathic surgery diagnosis and management: 3D image acquisition, virtual surgical planning, rapid prototyping, and seamless surgical navigation.
Narayan H. Gandedkara, BDS,MDS,FCFO, Koo Chieh Shenb BDS, MClinDent, Chai Kiat Chngc, BDS,MDS, M Orth RCS
03 A Comparative Evaluation Of Canine Retraction Using Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) And Conventional Mechanotherapy As Assessed By CBCT
DrVijay Tanwara, Sidhub , DrSeema Groverc, DrAshish Dabasd, DrNamrata Dograe
04 Evaluation of masticatory stress distribution in mandible of class I, II, III malocclusion cases: a CBCT developed finite element method study.
Kratika Mishraa, P.G. Makhija b
05 “The Hybrid HIRO”- Conventional HIRO System Integrated with 3D Scanning and Resin Prototyping
Dr. Navraj Mattua, Dr. Aravind. M Virupakshab, Dr. Sumitra Reddyc
06 M - CODS Photographic soft tissue profile analysis
Mala Ram Manohar a , Pratibha Goswami b , Dipesh Ladhar c
07 Photogrammetry as a tool to aid orthodontic diagnosis and treatment assessment
Dr. Prasad Chitraa, Dr. Ashwin Prakashb

Case Report
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08 Obstructive sleep apnea: Diagnose the sleep trickster
Dr Sunil Abrahama, Dr Milling Taniab, Dr Ashwin Mathew Georgec
09 Diagnostic setup procedure simplified : a case report
Dr. Sunanda Roychoudhurya, Dr. Kumar Amitb

Technique Clinic
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10 A Device To Standardize Facial Photographs In FH-Plane HOT (Horizontal Orientation Tool)
Dr. Rahul Kombathulaa, Dr. Kishore Tutikab, Dr.Anil Chirlac, Dr.Vizia Muddadad